Watts Powerhouse Food works closely with the LA's Best before and after-school programs, which are very popular with students and parents.


Education breaks the cycle of poverty.

Students fall behind from the start because most of them do not participate in pre-kindergarten. Generally, kindergarten students living in higher income areas will arrive at school already knowing some basic letter sounds, the ABC's and some math skills.  The most important action that can help students complete scholastically is to provide pre-kindergarten in Watts. 


Past services include:
  • Educational board games

  • After school snacks

  • End of school barbeques

  • Supply Winter Jackets

  • 2-week supply of breakfast and lunch items during Spring break 

  • Provided summer school breakfast and lunches

  • Provided summer school buses for field trips

  • Host annual bowling trip for 200 children

  • Partnered with Mattel toys and managed the onsite student reward store



Success Story

Dee Johnson grew up in the Grape Street Neighborhood and wanted to attend a Christian college.  He is the friendly kind of person that lends a hand before being asked to help. Dee is also a gifted student who earned an academic scholarship to the prestigious Biola University.  We are excited to be able to assist Dee financially with his monthly living expenses and special school-sponsored trips abroad. He is the real deal.

Dee Jaycocks

Biola University