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Seven Ways we Help in the Grape Street Neighborhood of Watts

Food Bank

Our food bank provides a crucial safety net, supporting individuals and the community in times of need and working towards a more food-secure future. Our efforts not only address immediate hunger, but also contribute to larger social, health, and economic outcomes in the community we serve.

How it Works

We used to pack a box with what we thought people needed.  We changed that.  Now the food bank is set up like a local market.  Folks receive a grocery bag donated by Ralph’s and fill it with items they need and enjoy most.  Local volunteers maintain and oversee the day to day operation of the food bank.  As in any other store, the most popular items run out first.  

How you can donate: Buy items from our most popular list, participate in a food drive, organize a food drive, or donate here.   

Host Weekly Community Meal

Community meals play a vital role in creating inclusive, supportive, and resilient communities. They nurture social connections, combat food insecurity, promote well-being, and contribute to a sense of belonging. By bringing people together around the table, these gatherings foster a stronger and more vibrant community fabric.

How it works

Following the conclusion of Sunday services, we host a delicious meal and time of fellowship.  This popular multigenerational gathering provides a time to catch up with friends and family while youngsters play on the giant jungle gym.  Teens and young adults enjoy just hanging out with each other at their tables.  The meal is created and served by several different volunteer groups that work one week per month.  

How you can Support this Event:  You can volunteer in the kitchen and help serve, or just clean up.  Being friendly is the most important requirement.  Host your own weekend.  Sponsor the event ($300/wk) or donate what you can-no donation is too small.

Provide access to jobs and job training

Providing quality education and personal skill development programs can equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to access a wide range of job opportunities.  Providing access to jobs in urban cities is crucial for economic growth, reducing unemployment rates, and improving the overall well-being of individuals and communities.

How it Works  

We connect amazing local people who desire to enter a chosen field.  They need an experienced mentor to help them create a road map and the personal skills needed to successfully get a career in that industry.  Once matched with an expert, they will keep in close contact reviewing completion of specific tasks necessary to become successful at their job.  

How you can Support This Life Changing Group

You too can help change someone’s life by lending your experience and knowledge.  Share a business connection from your circle.  Donate a car for transportation.  Donate a gift card: Starbucks, Ralph’s, subway. 

Assist College Students with Personal Expenses

Financial assistance in the form of personal expense aid can help alleviate the financial burden of college education. Such support allows students to focus on their studies without excessive financial stress, increasing their likelihood of completing their degrees.

How it Works

We know gifted young adults who attend local colleges and prestigious universities.  Although they have completed the hard work, and are doing well in classes, they need help with personal expenses such as gas, food, and personal hygiene. It’s a great feeling making a college student's day with a financial gift.  

How you can Support these Amazing Students

Donate a gift card: Starbucks, Ralph’s, Subway, etc.  Donate to the monthly spending account.    

Young Adult Group

Quality relationships contribute to overall well-being. Spending time with people who uplift and support you can increase feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and self-worth. Meaningful social connections have been linked to lower levels of stress, improved mental health, and better overall quality of life.

How it Works

The saying “The people you surround yourself with are the person you will become”.  With that in mind, we host a weekly gathering of quality young adults every Sunday night.  They eat a lot of fast food, play games, and just hang out.  The group leader Pastor Todd, says, “This is one of the most important financial contributions you can make.  People need to know they are loved and important.  The Sunday night group does just that.”  

How you can Support this Event

Donate to fund this most important event.  ($150/wk)

Organize major campus maintenance projects

Community work projects bring people together, foster community pride, and address local needs and challenges. They empower individuals, strengthen social connections, and contribute to the overall well-being and development of communities. By actively engaging in community work, individuals can make a positive impact, create lasting change, and contribute to the greater good of the community.

How it Works

We organize civic groups, churches, businesses, contractors, and individuals collectively pitch in to maintain the three story Powerhouse campus.  This local landmark is located at the corner of Grape Street and Imperial Ave in Watts, a suburb of Los Angeles.  The Center is the home to the Powerhouse Church and Watts Powerhouse Food.  Countless people have shared their personal story of life changing activities and people they met at the church. 

How you can Support the Campus

Sign up for a work day. Volunteer to help with specific needs. Share personal and business connections. Donate to help pay for materials.

General Campus Maintenance and Cleanliness

Regular building maintenance is essential for safety, asset preservation, energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, problem prevention, and maintaining a positive image. By investing in ongoing maintenance, we create a better environment, and ensure the long-term viability and value of the Powerhouse center.

How you can Support 

Sponsor monthly pest control cost ($145/month)

Sponsor janitorial supplies and paper goods cost ($200/month)

Donate to ongoing facilities maintenance and equipment repair cost

Special Events

Annual Christmas Donations 

Christmas donations to underserved children have the power to make a real difference in their lives. They provide joy, meet basic needs, promote education, foster inclusion, inspire hope, and strengthen communities. By extending kindness and support during the holiday season, we can positively impact the lives of underserved children and help create a brighter future for them.

How it Works

Every year we make a big push to help the children feel loved and have something wonderful for Christmas.  More often than you think, this will be the only present some of the children will receive.  Moms and dads feel blessed to be able to give their child a nice present.  Relatives often raise little ones, and are especially thankful for our Christmas events.  In the past, we helped gather sports equipment, scooters, and other fun presents. But last Christmas, we did it big.


86 Christmas Bicycles and Helmets for the Kids 

The golden rule in Watts states-Once we give our word, we must follow through-period. Pastor Todd had always dreamed of giving every child a bike.  But we didn’t feel we could pull it off, so we had to say no.  But this year, we felt we could say YES.  We called in lots of favors.  Everywhere I went, I asked people to donate a bike and helmet. And, almost everyone did.  Tony, the owner of The Bike Palace in San Pedro, said he would donate five bikes through his bike club and sell us all of the bikes at his cost.  His staff jumped in full force.  They did a beautiful job  assembling and loading the bikes into a large truck with their special racks.  Kids all over the Grape Street neighborhood can be seen riding their bikes.  

How you can Support Christmas Bikes 2024

Make a special donation marked “Christmas Bikes” and we will add it into our “Christmas bikes savings account”.

No amount is too small.

Volunteer to help deliver the bikes from The Bike Palace to the Powerhouse Center in Watts

Gather like-minded friends to help purchase many bikes-everyone loves to help out at Christmas time.

Microwaves Provide Access to Home Cooking  

Microwave ovens offer practical benefits for urban families, including convenience, space efficiency, energy efficiency, versatility, safety, cost-effectiveness, and support for healthier eating habits. They provide a valuable cooking option that fits well within the demands and constraints of urban living.

Families often lack access to ovens or don't own a microwave.  Now they can purchase healthier food that can easily be prepared instead of picking up fast food. Thanks to one of our ambassador families who donated 86 microwaves.  It took several pickup truck loads to deliver all of the microwaves.

Sports Equipment for kids

Sporting equipment plays a vital role in the physical, social, and emotional development of children. It promotes physical fitness, skill development, recreation, teamwork, personal growth, and inclusivity. By providing access to appropriate equipment, we enable children to enjoy the benefits of sports, develop essential life skills, and thrive in various aspects of their lives.

How it Works

Kids just love playing basketball and playing catch with footballs.  Since the  playground is an asphalt surface, we always need replacements.  

How you can Support Playground Equipment Fulfillment

Buy basketballs, footballs, red rubber balls, and large jump ropes from Amazon and have them delivered to the Powerhouse Center.  Pick a ball out with your children while shopping and donate it to one of our sponsor donation locations.

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